About Lights for Living

 Feel lost, sad, alone, frustrated with your kids or marriage or in general need of guidance beyond your own? Here you can find answers based upon the Bible, God’s instruction manual for life.

Carefully study the Bible for guidance in life.

When you take time to study, the Bible will come alive to you!

Lights for Living features questions from readers and answers for every day life issues from the Bible-based advice column, “Answers from Angela” published monthly in Times of Praise, a Christian newspaper based in Sapulpa, OK. The newspaper is published by Gerald Shuler, P. O. Box 524, Sapulpa, OK 74067.  Email: geraldshuler@gmail.com   You may contact Angela with your questions at that same email with “Lights for Living Question” in the subject line.

When submitting a question, please no sexual, violent, or crass references. Submission of your question implies agreement that your question with the answer from Angela may be featured in the print newspaper. It may also be used in this Blog, Lights for Living. Questions pertaining to specific medical, psychological, or financial needs cannot be answered except in broad general terms of what the Bible states to give guidance in your daily life.


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